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The big revamp: Bring your bathroom into the 21st century

The big revamp: Bring your bathroom into the 21st century

Is your bathroom still rocking that 'Saturday Night Fever' aesthetic? It's no secret that the '70s were a rollercoaster ride in the world of interior design, and not always in the good sense. From fiercely floral tiles to overly ambitious color palettes, your beloved bathroom might just be screaming for a modern update. A blast from the past can be fun, but there's a line between a charmingly nostalgic time capsule and a potential aesthetic disaster frozen in questionable taste. For those who've realized that their bathroom is stranded on the wrong side of that line, it's high time to take action.

Pastel Power - Less is More

Bold is out, calm and soothing pastel colours are in. Pastel tiles spell out understated elegance for bathrooms. They exude a quiet, calming vibe, perfect for a space where you want to decompress and relax. Think light blues, greens, and greys—these colors work best to evoke a light, fresh feeling. This isn’t just important--no—it’s crucial! 

Size Matters: The Rise of Oversized Tiles

Go big or go home—oversized tiles are stealing the spotlight in the bathroom design scene. They make your bathroom appear larger and airier. Plus, larger tiles mean fewer grout lines hence less cleaning. Who would want to spend their free time scrubbing grout lines?

Bring in the Tech and Oversized Mirrors

Bathrooms and technology, sound weird? Not anymore. We have heated floors, high-tech toilets, touchless faucets and smart showers that save water. These tech embellishments are a treat, combining comfort with conservation. And then there’s the oversized mirror. It can reflect—literally and figuratively—the bathroom's light, making the space look double its size. Besides being functional, they're an instant facelift, injecting a dose of style and glamour. 

Honoring the Old: An Ode to Vintage Charm

In the midst of updating your bathroom, you might have come across an antique heirloom, something like a vintage tub. Before you consider discarding it, stop and take a moment to revisit its charm. If your vintage tub is still in working condition—hold on to it! 

Retaining such vintage elements does more than just save money; it weaves a thread of character and nostalgia into the fabric of your modern bathroom. These pieces serve as conversation starters, exuding a timeless charm that stands out amidst contemporary fixtures. 

The juxtaposition of old and new can create a striking balance. It's about blending the weathered charisma of yesteryears with the smooth efficiency of today. This hybrid look can transform your bathroom into a unique treasure chest combining the best of both worlds. 

Not only this, revamping vintage pieces like your old tub might just reveal qualities you didn’t realize they possessed before. A bit of polishing or re-glazing can breathe new life into what might have been overlooked as outdated, showing that 'old' can still be gold. 

Fresh Beginnings - Banishing the Smell from Reglazing 

Reglazing your old tub can leave behind a harsh smell, which might make you ask: how to get rid of smell from reglazing tub? The answer is pretty simple: ventilate the space; use fans, open windows, and take breaks if necessary. In time, your bathroom will smell as fresh as a daisy.

A well-planned bathroom design blends functionality with style. Blending pastel tiles, oversized elements, technology and vintage items; your bathroom will be not just a place of necessity, but a haven of relaxation and style. So roll up those sleeves, and let's give your bathroom the renovation it deserves!